About Us

International Investment and Trade Corporation (IITC), is a group of affiliated companies in the field of Industry, Trading, Engineering and Services located in Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, South Sudan, Uganda, China, Mali and Romania, which altogether make the “IITC Group

Our Organization

We are a private shareholding Joint-Stock Company with our main offices located at 69, King Abdullah II street, Amman – Jordan, and branch / affiliated offices in Changzhou – China, Bucharest – Romania, Bamako – Mali, Baghdad and Mosul – Iraq, Yambio and Juba – South Sudan, Kampala – Uganda and Alexandria – Egypt

Affiliates :


IITC was first established in 1984 in Jordan, as a specialized company in the business of industrial answers for industrial business needs through corporate representation and technical services. Currently each one of IITC’s affiliated companies is a leader and one of the largest and very best in their field of industry, engineering and specialized services in the middle east region. In partnership with them IITC continued to present to the industrial world innovative answers to engineering challenges as well as field proven and time tested products and services – at real value. IITC has grown, since 1984, from a single company offering products and services to become an existing group of companies spread in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and East Europe, and offering a wide range of products and diversified services to its clients, in addition to being major shareholders and operating industrial facilities in Jordan, Mali and China, and exporting its products to Asia, Africa and Europe. Furthermore, IITC is also specialized in the field of trading and investments in assets and share holding companies IITC Group aims at becoming the company that is second to none in its specialized fields of business

IITC Group aims at becoming the company that is second to none in its specialized fields of business. .


IITC will employ all its sources and capabilities for achieving its visions. To this end, IITC will focus on the marketing campaigns, customer relationship building, participating in the tenders of various kinds and mobilizing the necessary staff and equipment for the high quality achievement of contracts .


As of 2013, IITC has started going Green as the commitment of the Group to preserve our planet, protect our environment, and use alternative power generation. Currently our head office and factories in Jordan are operating 100% on Solar Power Energy and by 2020, our iron ore mine in Bamako – Mali will use 70% of its power from Solar and Wind power.