We Are

IITC Voip Department Founded in 2019 to provide advanced telecommunication infrastructure services including; optimization, planning and drive testing.

Our Team

Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team is made up of leading certified IT Engineers with many years of on-hand experience available 24/7.

Commercial Team

As a part of ongoing efforts to meet the needs of our partner and constantly devlop our service offering, who can rise to every challenge with utmost efficiency .

Finance & Billing

our Specialized finance and billing team is constantly looking into the actual needs of our partners , to provide accurate financial reporting , highly qualified .


Services that 100% guarantee reliable and lucrative partnerships lead to absolute success. We provide first class telecom services, with 24/7 NOC support. Our added value & continuous support deliver a great experience for our partners and we love to exceed these expectations

Why us

By our high-quality VoIP services, routes, destination-based competitive rates and unlimited support combined with the great knowledge of the market, we offer you more lucrative business solutions. Making a partnership with IITC means being connected to the one of the best wholesale operators. Our good relationships, interconnections and high credibility return you with great earnings. If you are seeking for the best and competitive routes, cost-saving VoIP call rates, %100 support from a full-service VoIP provider, you are on the right page!.

Feel safe

Feel safe, we are monitoring everything for you, instant ACD, ASR, PDD rates and preventing fraud attempts! We take security very seriously. With our advanced fraud detection programs that monitor and assess transactions for fraudulent behavior, we ensure non-cli routes are identified and blocked immediately. All VoIP traffic is analysed without exception , 365 days 24/7 technical support.

IITC Profile

International Investment & Trade Corporation (IITC) was first established in 1984 in Jordan as a specialized company in the business of industrial answers for industrial business needs through corporate representation and technical services. Since 1984, IITC has grown from a single company offering products and services to an existing group of companies spread in the Middle East and offering a wide range of products to its clients, in addition to owning and operating industrial facilities in Jordan and exporting its products all over the Middle East. Furthermore, IITC is also an investment company specialized in the field of trading and investments in assets and share holding companies. IITC has started in 2019 a Voice Division within its group that will act as an exclusive Voice Telecommunications Carrier registered in Jordan specializing in the Wholesale Voice Termination, Aggregation. The new division will be offering International Voice Termination Services, and directly interconnected with major Tier1, MVNO’s & Voice Carriers worldwide for VoIP termination. With our wide range of destinations, we have directly established business relations with the largest and most experienced operators in the industry. Furthermore, the new Voice Division has core values that are Quality Routes, Competitiveness & Transparency, working and cooperating with a global network. IITC is very careful in selecting its staff and are always looking for highly qualified, dedicated and competent employees with years of solid experience, training and distinguished achievements.